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red_parts “Employment” page has been updated
As of 8/4/2014 The employment page has  been updated: http://www.keio.edu/english/employment ‎
red_parts Server Maintenance Schedule
Due to the server maintenance, this homepage will be not be accessible during 10am-5pm on Sunday, July 6th (US Eastern Time). I apologize for the inconvenience.
red_parts Application Forms for AO Exams 2015 (Fall) have been uploaded
Please click here for details.
red_parts Twentysecond Graduation Ceremony Ceremony Address by Headmaster
Congratulations, Class of 2014! To parents and families, congratulations on your children’s graduation. Since 2010, when you, the current 12th grader entered Keio Academy of New York as a ninth grader, there have been many reforms pertaining to school life. The dormitory’s rules concerning nightly Study Hours have evolved so that both all of the ninth and tenth graders have started studying in the cafeteria. During the same year, the hallway policy was implemented so that the school building would remain quiet during classes. In addition, the date of Athletic Day was changed, and senior privilege day was terminated, all of which were supposed to create an environment conducive for […]
red_parts Regarding AO Exams (Saturday, June 14th)
AO Examinations will be held on Saturday, June 14th. The campus will be off limit to all students, parents, faculty, staff,  and school visitors except for designated admissions staff and student  helpers during the examinations.