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red_parts Orchestra Club Participated in a Fundraising Event
On September 21, the Orchestra Club participated in El Sistema Fundraising event at The Atria in Rye Brook to support Ang Misyon*, which is a music program in the Philippines. This fundraising helps provide instruments, food, stability and music lessons to those in need in the Philippines. Some of the performers include Chie Yoshinaka (A Japanese violinist appearing in international music scene) and Momo Kimura (A guitarist from Japan who appeared on NHK TV shows and receieved many awards). We had four performers, Kaede Kobayashi (Flute), Yukari Matsuo (Clarinet), Suzuka Nicole Kawaguchi (Violin), and Fukuchi Kana (Oboe) performing songs such as “Tonarino Totoro”, “Let it Go”, “Time to Say Goodbye”, […]
red_parts Our new school video clips have been uploaded.
Our new school video clips (Short Version & Long Version) have been uploaded. Please watch the clips here.
red_parts 2014 Entrance Ceremony: Ceremony Address by Headmaster
Ladies and gentlemen, Vice President Prof. Haseyama, Prof. Komamura, distinguished board members of Keio Academy. On behalf of my fellow teachers and staff members, I’d like to congratulate all the new students on your entrance into Keio Academy of New York. Welcome to the great Keio family, and parents; I would like to congratulate you on the newest phase of your child’s life. Today, Keio Academy of New York welcomes 40, 9th graders and 55, 10th graders, for a total of 95 new students. Among them, 41 students are from Japan, studying in the Japanese educational system. Probably you have so many expectations as well as concerns about the classes […]
red_parts “Employment” page has been updated
As of 8/29/2014 The employment page has  been updated: http://www.keio.edu/english/employment ‎