25th Anniversary Projects

Atsushi Seike

Fostering global leaders at Keio Academy of New York

Atsushi Seike
President, Keio University

Since its establishment in 1990, Keio Academy of New York has endeavored to provide students with a unique bilingual and bicultural education, upholding the spirit of Keio's founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa, from its location in the United States. As the only of Keio's affiliated schools to be located outside of Japan, Keio Academy of New York has taught a great number of students to value a global perspective and in turn played a significant role in the development of Keio as a whole. Amid rapid economic globalization and unprecedented population aging, Japan is facing a growing necessity to educate global leaders who possess the ability to conceive diverse and effective solutions. With this in mind, Keio engages in a wide range of educational and research activities with the aim of further pursuing high-caliber international collaboration. As its 25th anniversary approaches, Keio Academy of New York plans to use this milestone as an opportunity to revisit its founding principles and expend fresh efforts towards educating global minds. By further developing the philosophy of a bilingual and bicultural education and providing opportunities for students to experience diverse values, Keio Academy of New York will strive to foster future leaders who are capable of thinking for themselves and taking an open-minded approach to different cultures. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Jiro Kokuryo

Our hopes for the younger generation

Jiro Kokuryo
Vice President, Keio University
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Keio Academy of New York

Throughout the quarter of a century since its establishment, Keio Academy of New York has pursued and refined its philosophy of a bilingual and bicultural education. In Japan, the years following the Great East Japan Earthquake have seen a significant increase in the number of young people who recognize the issues facing Japan and try to reflect on them not only from a domestic point of view but also from an international perspective. In order to foster such talented young minds and further encourage their global awareness, Keio has been actively pursuing various initiatives for internationalization. Through its 25th anniversary projects, the Keio Academy of New York intends to reaffirm its mission as the only of Keio's affiliated schools to be based overseas and renew its commitment to educating future leaders capable of adopting a global approach. We look forward to your continuing support.

Masashi Notsu

Taking the next step

Fumihiko Kono
Headmaster, Keio Academy of New York

Keio Academy of New York has established a strong foundation in New York over the last quarter century. We will continue to strive to make constant improvements in our educational standards as we prepare highly qualified students through a bilingual and bicultural education based upon the philosophy of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the founder of Keio University. Furthermore, we will improve our entire education system which will include the establishment of information technology upgrades such as a wireless networking environment and a comprehensive audio visual system. I also believe that we will be able to function as a valuable base for the research and development of international education at Keio University. I appreciate your continued guidance and support, which is vital to the future success of Keio Academy of New York.

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