Greetings from the Headmaster 

Keio Academy of New York has always been a leader in bilingual, bicultural education. In 2008, we started the US-Japan Summer Cultural Experience as a new initiative in this area. During the program, participants from both Japan and the United States work together in producing digital media.

Through group oriented projects, participants communicate in both Japanese and English and develop a cross cultural understanding that can contribute to international goodwill in the future. Every year, participants in this program return home with great experiences to be remembered forever.

Fumihiko Kono

Greetings from the Program Director

Greetings to new faces and a warm welcome back to past participants! We are entering a special time here at Keio Academy of New York’s US-Japan Summer Cultural Experience. This is our 10th Anniversary of the program, so be prepared for 2017 to bring an extra level of excitement on top of an already action-packed two weeks of cultural exchange!

With participants from the United States, Japan, and other countries around the world, we aim to develop each person’s cultural awareness through a variety of activities and classes. One of the most important aspects of this process is to improve foreign language ability so that participants can communicate in their new bicultural environment. To accomplish this, participants will take either Japanese as a Second Language (JSL) or English as a Second Language (ESL). Classes will be divided according to previous experience and will be taught by language teachers from Keio Academy of New York.

Participants will be able to supplement their language learning with an assortment of elective classes focusing on American and Japanese cultures. Previous examples include: Japanese Fan Dances, American Pop Culture, a Harry Potter themed class, and Public Speaking.  Less formal, but an integral part of cultural learning and understanding, are the assortment of other activities taking place both on our campus and in the surrounding New York area. Some of the previous year’s activities have included specialized Manhattan tours, udon making, Broadway musicals, and other recreational activities. By keeping a full and varied schedule, participants are able to encounter new and interesting things each day!

As a culmination of the skills developed during the course of the program, participants have the chance to create a short film in collaboration with Downtown Community Television (DCTV), a professional New York media company. Working in small groups with members from different countries, participants will be guided by DCTV instructors through the entire process of film making. From brainstorming ideas, storyboarding, shooting film, and joining in the editing process, it is truly amazing to see what the groups are able to accomplish in such a short period of time! One of the highlights of the program is to join together on Family Day and watch each unique video in front of family, friends, and staff. 

As always, my goal for this year’s program is to create a welcoming place where participants from both the United States and Japan can expand their minds and develop valuable skills that will allow them to more fully navigate this increasingly globalized world. The time spent here at the US-Japan Summer Cultural Experience will not only give participants increased language skills and digital media production knowledge, but will allow a deeper cultural understanding and friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Thank you for joining us on this special 10th anniversary summer journey here at Keio Academy of New York and we hope you are excited to experience all the benefits a bicultural atmosphere has to offer! Please feel free to contact the summer program office at with any remaining questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you here soon!

Melissa Spooner
Program Director of the US-Japan Summer Cultural Experience

Greetings from the Assistant Residential Director

Thank you for your interest in our summer program! I am John Reyes, the Assistant Residential Director. I have been with the US-Japan Summer Cultural Experience Program for five years.

I am very excited about our program this year because we will be celebrating our 10th year! Because of this, we are currently working very hard to make this year special and unique. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this milestone than with our participants.

Our program is aimed to keep our participants active, creative, and inspired. We have developed many day programs and trips to meet this goal, and create evening events to supplement their free time as well.

Most of our participants live at Keio Academy during the program. A majority arrive with little-to-no experience living abroad and/or living in a community (residence hall) setting. Because of this, the residential aspect of the program provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn more about themselves. It is my responsibility to ensure our residence life staff maintains a comfortable, safe and FUN living environment for the bicultural and bilingual world unique to Keio Academy.

What can you look forward to as a participant? I think your two weeks with us will be fun; you will learn more about yourself and about Japanese and American culture, and you will develop your language skills. You will also create memories and make friends that may last a lifetime!

I hope to see you this summer!

John Reyes
Assistant Residential Director

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