Resident Dean
Mr. Yukinori Miyata 

Life in our residence halls requires students to think independently and take responsibility for their own actions. Bearing in mind the concepts of freedom and discipline, they nurture spirits of independence and self-respect. In addition to this, the philosophy of “learning while teaching, teaching while learning” handed down by Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa has a strong influence on many different aspects of the residence halls.

One example is the peer tutor system of learning, but the philosophy is also present elsewhere such as in the way students are able to learn teamwork and compassion through cooperation with their peers and their sempai or kohai. The environment not only strengthens problem-solving skills, but also cultivates their creativity.

Through the residential life, we hope to give our students an experience and an education that are possible only here in the US. Our resident faculty work extremely hard to guide our boarding students in order to achieve this. We sincerely wish to see all of our students go on to work in their respective fields as leaders of society. We expect that your residential life will be an enriching experience.

Nurturing Future Global Citizens

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