It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, whether Keio Academy student, graduate, parent or visitor, to our information and social sites. Keio Academy places high value on the enjoyment of learning and learning for its own sake. 

Ours is a learning community in which teachers and students work closely together.  Fluency in Japanese and English is achieved by the time a student graduates. Ours is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural boarding community where the great majority of students live together in boarding Houses of about fifty students, each with a few commuters or day students included as members of the House family. Each House is looked after by two Faculty members, a Head of House and a Boarding Assistant, who take care of every aspect of a student’s life, academic, personal and co-curricular.

A boarding school provides many hours of opportunity beyond classroom learning: sport, music, drama, debate, public speaking and a galaxy of clubs are all available to develop talent and enrich learning. Links with local community, opportunities for service and educational trips to New York galleries and theatres are regular features. There are also opportunities to develop leadership at House and whole-School level.

When our students graduate they are prepared for the high academic standards of Keio University or other universities in the US and around the world, confident to contribute to discussion in their classes and to participate in wider university life. After university, many will be leaders in politics, academe, business or public service; all will have a lively interest in the world around them as good citizens of the communities in which they live.

Dr Ralph Townsend


President's Letters

Wisdom of Fukuzawa

Yukichi Fukuzawa (1835-1901) was Founder of Keio University.

A Day in the Life 4

Welcome to our fourth edition of " A Day in the Life."  The events and activities showcased in this journal provide a snapshot of what makes our school community so special and unique.