Board of Trustees

Keio Academy of New York is governed independently from Keio Gijuku. The ultimte decision-making body is the Board of Trustees. This Board is comprised of nine members and includes members of the Keio Gijuku Board of Trustees as well as alumni, local community members, and corporate leaders committed to the philosophy of bilingual and bicultural education. The Board of Trustees holds three meetings annually to decide on important issues related to the management of the Academy.

Chairman :
Vice President of Keio University  Professor Keita Yamauchi        

President of Keio University, Professor Kohei Itoh
Vice President of Keio University, Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya
Professor Emeritus of Keio University, Headmaster of Keio Academy of New York  Takayuki Tatsumi 
President or Manhattanville College,  Dr. Frank D. Sánchez
Mr. Satoshi Kitada    
Mr. Rodger Noble  
Mr. Shunji Sasada        
Mr. Kentaro Tsurushima  

Iwao Maruta, Tamika Suzuki, Rieko Yamada Ivy , Tomio Yamamoto