The School Song

「Thoughts Beyond」

We see our bright sun that brings us to the new
That brings us to the truth The only truth
Never stop, just give a go and try
‘Cause there is no need to be afraid and start to cry
Believe the way of you and me Believe the day of future dreams
Stand for the life, the life that we cannot see
And live this moment no matter how hard life can be

Remember family that gives us true love
Remember true friends who share our hope
Thank them with love, not with jealousy or hate
Show your thoughts by actions and by your accomplishments
Don’t ever forget your mind and heart
Don’t be upset about who you are
You’re not alone in the streets, so dark and cold
There will be a light shining to the world that is waiting for you

The past will not just die away
The present isn’t here to stay
The future’s only a step away
All you have to do is reach
Never give up
Just believe in what you learned
All the time we spent here
And our hopes will light our way ahead

参考: 「遙かな想い」詞・曲 小田和正 2003年