The curriculum is based on both the American and Japanese systems. Classes are taught mainly in English, but Japanese is compulsory for all. It is School policy that English must be spoken throughout the day. Teachers encourage students to participate in class and cultivate independent thinking. Debating and Public Speaking are an important part of the curriculum, as is the study of citizenship. Students are encouraged to express themselves clearly and concisely at all times.

Our current mission statement was updated in August 2022 and states: 
“Keio Academy of New York promotes trans-Pacific, trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary learning. Its graduates have a strong sense of “moral independence” and “self-reliance” which has been a Keio tradition since Keio Gijuku’s establishment by Fukuzawa Yukichi in 1858. The mission of Keio Academy of New York is to develop, foster and utilize this "tri-cultural" type of education by making the most of Japanese, American and Keio cultures.”

A frequently asked question that we receive is, “are you a Japanese or American school?”  The academy is truly a bilingual school, as 90% of the classes are conducted in English, as well as a vast array of experiential opportunities on and off campus.  Following New York guidelines and maintaining our status as a NYSAIS certified institution is essential to our mission.  We are also an officially certified Japanese school that prides itself on our founder Fukuzawa’s values and getting our students prepared for a successful experience at Keio University or any competitive institution in the world. 

Program Structure:

With the school’s direction clearly in place, much thought has been given in how to attain these rigorous goals on a weekly and daily basis.  As a result, the  education program has been designed in the following way:

  • a daily routine (Monday to Friday) of classroom teaching 08:30 – 15:05
  • 45 minutes every day in every core subject
  • one period per day starting at 15:10 for preparation and academic support
  • use of the16:10-16:55 time slot for Academic Extension (A.E.) once a week
  • when not attending AE 16:10-16:55, use of time constructively: private study, music lesson, House sport, Varsity sport (for those selected).
  • Evening Study Hall (ESH) 19:30-21:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings
  • On weekends, various organized cultural visits, activities, and sporting events in New York City and throughout the Westchester County region.

The Junior AE And Senior AE programs are truly unique to Keio Academy.  These programs take place after the traditional academic day.  In the ninth and tenth grade, students take classes that include every aspect of independent living such as conflict resolution, time management, personal finance, and even cooking classes!  In the upper grades, students select a passion class each semester.  A wide selection of honors and regular level classes are offered in diverse subjects areas such as current events, law, history of war, accelerated math.  and many others to choose from.

The SMP Saturday Morning Program is a featured program of our boarding school and language program.  Every Saturday 11th and 12th grade students prepare speeches and prep for debates.  This program not only sharpens language skills, but also presentation and debate skills.  On Saturday mornings, at the 9th and 10th grade level students are involved in art and music classes with a variety of offerings taught by veteran staff.

The academy’s moral code is woven into all aspects of the school community, including curriculum, boarding, and activities.  The school program additionally embodies Fukuzawa’s values, such as honesty, accuracy, and diligence.