Art and Music

The Music & Art department operates on the philosophy that talent is a relative term and that the strength of each student’s art making process lies in the encouragement of self-expression, a diligent work ethic, and creative and critical thinking in their art making process, which are strengthened by their teacher’s encouragement and belief in the potential of each student.

KANY's Music Department allows musically experienced students to further develop their skills with local professional experts and apply their skills with the Director of Music in choral and orchestral ensembles. With both beginner and advanced levels, students also have the opportunity to begin learning a new instrument. Electives in music are available at standard and Honors levels, and in keeping with the school's mission of cultivating global citizens, courses emphasize music history, ear training, appreciation, and analysis, aiming to help students develop not only musical ability, but also language skills and gain a deep understanding of the sociological and historical importance of the music that they study.  Student ensembles perform regularly for their fellow students and teachers and participate in other cultural and musical events in the NYC area. 

Art Department classes focus on the usage and exploration of painting, drawing, digital media and art history, in addition to hands-on art projects. Classes are designed to foster and encourage each student to develop their unique artistic language and to develop a contextual understanding of the connection between art history and studio practice. The teaching philosophy of the Art Department is characterized by: (1) encouraging the exploration of ideas by making art, (2) exploring art history, culture, identity and biography in the art making process, and (3) believing that each student will begin to form an artistic perspective that will enhance their art making ability and their life outside the Art department.

Dr. Martin Sedek / Director of Music & Art Department