Curriculum Overview
Mathematics Department’s curriculum is designed to develop mastery and fluency in various ‘sub-languages’ of mathematics so that our students will be comfortable reading and analyzing quantitative information in their chosen field upon graduation from Keio Academy of New York. Students are actively encouraged to progress to the next instruction level in our three-level system of mathematical competency.

The primary goal is to give students tools for studying new ideas, methods and algorithms once they are at college.  To achieve this goal, the department integrates the best practices of the American, Japanese, and other international curricula. In particular, American textbooks contain various types of basic problems, which help students build a solid conceptual foundation of each mathematical concept. Japanese textbooks and problem-solving books, on the other hand, offer problems that require multiple steps to solve the problems. These examples help students deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and of relations among them. The American and the Japanese textbooks complement each other, creating a more comprehensive approach to learning.

Class structure and methods
Each course is offered at standard, intermediate and honors level.  Each subject is treated with an increased level of abstraction and detail as a student is promoted from standard to intermediate and, eventually to honors level.

Distinctive Feature, Signature program
Our class size is in single digits for standard level, low teens for intermediate level and at most low twenties in honors level classes.

Dr. Dusan Nesic / Mathematics Department Chair