Academic Extension

Senior Academic Extension (Grades 11&12),

Regular additional academic courses in literature, history, technology and science are held for all year groups in order to broaden their thinking and academic experience. These are taught outside the standard timetable.


SenAE Course Tile Teacher
A History of Film (Honors) Combs
Introduction to American Law (Honors) Card
Math for High Flyers (Honors) Iwahashi
Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies (Honors) Tatsumi
¡Aprende Español! Basic Spanish Language and Culture Gollin
An Introduction to Sound, Music, & Recording De Lozier
Chinese Culture  Cao
Filmmaking Nikaj
Introduction to Kendo Hori
Kanji Training Fujita
Science of Color Nesic
The History of Pop Consolati
Understanding the Stock Market Lee
Yukichi Fukuzawa, Japan, and Japanese Seto
SenAE Course Tile Teacher
Business English (Honors) Davis
Current Events (Honors) Ciafardini
Design Thinking (Honors) Yamamoto
History of Warfare (Honors) Baylies
How We Think: Philosophy and Society (Honors) Kikuchi
Astronomy Rawat
Birds and Literature Hayami
Comparative Study between Japan and the U. S. through Baseball and Softball Estay-Izumi
Makerspace Challenge Rahenkamp
Religions of the World Kovens
Symbiotic Sociology Pergolizzi
The Art and Science of Lego Gilley
Italian Culture, Cooking, and Conversation Mortenson

Junior Academic Extension (Grades 9&10)

These courses consist of passages for reading and discussion in English in small groups.  
Each passage is read aloud around the group; then the teacher explains difficult vocabulary and concepts; then the passage is read again, after which students participate in a discussion about the passage.

The Grade 9 coursebook is titled Great Thinkers on the Path to Democracy.

The Grade 10 coursebook is titled Talking Citizenship.