Signature Programs

An Omnibus “Tricultural” Lecture Series: Transpacific, Transcultural, Transdisciplinary

The Keio spirit as represented by Fukuzawa Yukichi has, since its beginning, championed the concept of Transpacific Studies. The transnational context in the 21stcentury makes the transpacific imperative more realistic. We should not only imbibe western ideas but also digest them and create our own “voice” in the tricultural milieu consisting of American, Japanese, and Keio cultures. Thus, we account it high time to implant in the curriculum the germ of Transpacific Studies, which will enable us to empower the new idea of “Triculture” by developing transpacific, transcultural, and transdisciplinary studies in a variety of ways.


Alumni Speaker Series

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Signature Programs


Model UN

KANY offers a Model UN experience to students in the 12th grade Political Thought course as a capstone activity.  Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, students had an opportunity to attend the Global Classroom International (CGI) Model United Nations (UN) conference held annually in late May in New York City.  This two-day Model UN attracted between one and two thousand students from around the world.  The students worked in teams of two and were assigned countries and UN committees.  Each Model UN committee was responsible for trying to solve an issue that the real UN committee was focused on at that time. The conference would end with closing ceremonies held in the General Assembly Hall at United Nations headquarters with our students sitting in the actual seats of UN diplomats during these ceremonies.

Model UN Awards

Academic Extension

For Senior Academic Extension (Grades 11&12), regular additional academic courses in literature, history, technology and science are held for all year groups in order to broaden their thinking and academic experience. These are taught outside the standard timetable.

For Junior Academic Extension (Grades 9&10), These courses consist of passages for reading and discussion in English in small groups.    


Senior Saturday Morning Program: Debate and Public Speaking

Every Saturday in the senior years, the 11th-grade students hold a debate, and the 12th grade students give speeches as an opportunity to practice their public speaking skills.
The 11th-grade students work in a team to hold their position in each debate, and the 12th grade speech is a presentation by each student on a theme of their choice. Although the students have already given various presentations in their regular classes, they will have valuable experience presenting in front of a large group of 11th and 12th graders.


The counselors coordinate the services of peer support teams - peer counseling and peer tutoring.  These peer support activities are the unique student-to-student support system of Keio Academy of New York.  Peer support members are composed of 11th and 12th grade volunteers.  The advantage of peer support is that peer support members can help their fellow students from students’ point of view.  Peer support services are available to all students on a request basis.  The counselors provide ongoing training and supervision for the peer support teams throughout the year.