Social Studies


The Social Studies Department enjoys a strong faculty with a breadth of both academic and life experience, which allow lessons that are relevant to the students’ future lives and challenges in a global society. A significant strength of the department is its ability to adapt to meet the needs of the students.   Our students develop critical thinking, self-assessment, reasoning, problem solving, collaboration, research, and investigation skills.  The department works to see that all students develop their ability to 1) read, write and communicate ideas in both English and Japanese; and 2) solve problems, make decisions, and analyze issues from multiple perspectives as a responsible member of a democratic and increasingly diverse society in an interdependent world.

Upon entering ninth grade a student would take World Geography, which is a foundation class for future Social Studies classes.  In tenth grade students are enrolled in World History and Cultural Studies which explores all aspects of our collective human journey.  As rising eleventh graders, all students are matriculated into American History and Government where the unique American experiment is chronicled and examined.  Finally in twelfth grade, there is an eye towards faculty selection at Keio University where non-science track students have a choice between choosing a required elective of Economics, Advanced Cultural Studies or Honors Political Thought.  Concurrently, all senior students will take an intensive Japanese History course.

The Social Studies Department’s unique curriculum prepares students primarily for Keio University’s Faculties of Law, Economics, Business and Commerce, Policy Management and for SFC. The department surveys its current students, while keeping in touch with many alumni.  An open dialogue with the alumni allows the department to assess how their Keio Academy of New York social studies classes are serving the students after graduation.  Finally, through communication with the various faculties of Keio University, the department receives feedback through the administration as to our strengths and weaknesses.
 Edward Consolati / Social Studies Department Chair