Library and Media Services

Overlooking the campus from the third floor of the main school building, the Library offers a beautiful space in which to study. 

At the Academy, with your support, we were able to purchase the following items for the library in the 2022-2023 academic year:

<Furniture Update

  • New reference bookshelves (8 shelves) (front entrance of the library)
  • Sofas for student reading and meetings (front entrance of the library)
  • Book checkout (lending) station for the library collection (introduced this spring)*

Furthermore, the Academy recognizes that the expansion of library functions is an ongoing project to promote students' intellectual activities. We believe it is a project that should be continually advanced in line with the progress of the times and technology. Therefore, in addition to the hardware aspect mentioned above, we have also implemented initiatives to expand and renew the functions of the library on the software side.

<Our Library>

  • Collaboration and introduction with the Westchester County Library System (making resources from over 80,000 books and over 15,000 audio books available from regional libraries)
  • Introduction of a database for searching the academy's collection and promotion of digitalization of the collection
  • Installation of category-specific featured corners (bookshelves) (Fukuzawa Yukichi corner, Keio University corner, Principal's corner)
  • Introduction of charging stations at computer desks
  • Introduction of a digital printer kiosk
  • Creation of Fukuzawa Yukichi murals by students

We express our gratitude to those who support the academy's educational philosophy and the concept of the Learning Commons in the library. We will continue to strive for the development of the library, keeping pace with the progress of the times.

Our library contains a large collection of resource materials and both nonfiction and fiction titles, available in both English and Japanese. We also offer a curated selection of the works of Fukuzawa Yukichi as well as a variety of publications from Keio University faculty and alumni. This collection has all been digitally catalogued in order to allow it to be searchable from any computer both on and off campus, as well as to offer our students the ability to place holds on materials and quickly check materials in and out from the library.

Headmaster’s Bookshelf: The Bookshelf Life of Dr. Takayuki Tatsumi Reconstructing the library, our staff decided to produce a special section featuring Fukuzawa sensei, Headmaster and Triculture. Headmaster’s Bookshelf is the first volume of the catalogue series of the special section, which is designed to overview his opuses and familiarize the students with the humanities he has long been involved with at Keio University. This catalogue will give you the sense of what Keio Gijuku encourages you to learn, create and accomplish. If you are interested in a book reviewed in the catalogue, please feel free to read it. Our library will show you the road to a terra incognita.

Our library and media services are constantly working to best meet the needs of our students in their daily studies, working to improve the atmosphere of the library through the installation of new furniture and power stations, and reorganizing the space itself to make it more welcoming to all. In addition, five cloud-based self-service printing kiosks have been installed at a variety of locations in the school building, cafeteria, and residence houses, including in the library itself, to offer around the clock access to printing needs, from any device that the students might be using throughout their day.