National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) was founded in 1921. It is an organization designed to recognize students who exhibit exceptional ability. It is more than an honor roll. It recognizes students who evince qualities in four distinct areas: scholarship, leadership, service and character. The Fukuzawa Chapter of the NHS serves to acknowledge the best and the brightest students at Keio Academy. Each year the NHS Committee selects applicants who meet the criteria set forth in the NHS charter. A process begins where nominated students apply for membership. These students must maintain an exemplary grade point average (GPA), submit an application in which they reflect on their accomplishments both inside the classroom and outside, and finally seek recommendation from several members of the Faculty.

Once admitted into the Fukuzawa Chapter of the National Honor Society, the students participate in a formal ceremony. Members already admitted welcome the new members, and the President delivers a speech to the newly selected members, speaking to them of the responsibility and the honor that accompanies being a member of the NHS. In recent years, the Fukuzawa Chapter of the NHS has demonstrated its commitment to community service by assisting causes outside the School.