Every student (Commuters are included in the House structure too.) is a member of a House, of which there are six, denominated K,E,I,O,N. and Y. Each House consists of about fifty students. Girls are housed separately from boys. Each House is managed by a Head of House and a Boarding Assistant who are responsible for the well-being of the students and are the contact person for parents. They are assisted by a House Captain who is selected from 12th grade students.

House Captain Leadership Program (HCLP)

The House Captain Leadership Program (HCLP) has 26 students (Boarding and Commuter Seniors) who are chosen for House,Vice and Sub Captains roles through a rigorous interview and activity process. They assist the Resident Faculty with everyday House Life, act as liaisons for their Houses' students, and plan big and little House and Co-House events. They also learn about leadership and management theory.

Wall Street! MoMA! UN Headquarters! One World Trade Center! Brooklyn Bridge! Central Park!... It's one thing to study about these places in a book. It's another to be able to see them with your own eyes and experience them first hand. All of these amazing, educational destinations and so much more are just a short train ride away from the dormitories at Keio Academy of New York.

The boarding program provides its students the unique opportunity to live and learn in one of the greatest cities in the world. If you come study with us in English at Keio Academy of New York, you will find real education is just at your doorstep.
Living in a dormitory is a learning experience all its own. All day, everyday, students are not only surrounded by friends and classmates, they are also challenged to grow into responsible members of a tight community. Boarding students at Keio Academy learn self discipline and responsibility, cooperation and time management, problem solving, conflict management and much more. Get ready by trying it for yourself now. Start waking up on your own, with no parents to help. Start washing your own clothes, start keeping a planner... Starting now will give you a big head start in your life adventure living and learning in a dormitory.

Mr. de Lozier

Heads of House

K Curt Wargo  
E Binh Luu  
I  Luis Rodriguez  
O Brianna Archard  
N Angelika Ferguson  
Y Shiharu Yamashita