The Office of Counseling plays a vital role for the students’ wellness and academic success. Its primary goal is to promote emotional and social well-being for students and assist them with their life at Keio and academic progress. To attain this goal, counselors provide individual counseling and guidance while striving to create a supportive and positive environment for students.

The office of counseling is staffed with male and female experienced licensed mental health professionals dedicated to addressing our student's social and emotional health. Both of them are English-Japanese bilingual, and counseling can be conducted either in English or in Japanese. The counseling room is on the 3rd floor in the School Building. The office has two private rooms and  a waiting room that has a welcoming atmosphere that is easy for students to access and relax. During the school year, the Counseling Office is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 0815-1700, and Tuesdays and Thursdays 0815-1800. While the Counseling Office closes, counselors are "On Call" on weekday evenings and weekends for emergency or special assistance

Director of Counseling

Michiko Yamaguchi

Counselor Kenichi Satate  

Peer students’ counseling services allow fellow students to talk about anything of concern. Peer counselors learn how to listen effectively, utilize various resources within the community, and approach various issues and dilemmas that students face. Peer tutoring services are also available to all students, and peer tutors offer academic tutoring in all subjects. Both Peer Counselors and Peer Tutors receive ongoing training supervision by the counselors.

At Keio, Counseling services are available 24/7. Students are encouraged to contact the counseling office if they have questions or concerns about their mental issues or academic performance. Parents are also encouraged to contact the counseling office if they have questions or concerns about a student's academic performance or behavior or to be updated on the student's well-being at the School.
Counseling Office has an open door policy to make it easier for students to access. Students can set up an appointment with the counselor by visiting the Counseling Office, leaving a memo for a counselor at his/her office or contacting counselor by phone or email.  Counseling sessions are to be scheduled with the school counselors. If needed, all referrals to outside professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists, etc.) can be made through the Counseling Office.
Counselors consults students with their mental or academic issues, including, but are not limited to: Adjustment to school and boarding life, relationships (peers/school staff/others), personal concerns and family conflicts, anxiety/stress/depression, identity/personal growth, cross-cultural concerns, sexuality, academic concerns, Sexuality, Violence, Drinking/smoking/other substance abuse, Eating disorder/sleeping disorder, etc.