Health Center

The goal of the Health Center is to foster health and wellness in student life by promoting prevention, educating on wellness, and promptly addressing current and potential health issues. Its role in the health aspects of all students is immense and very involved ranging from treating common ailments and injuries, arranging for doctors’, dental, physical therapy, laboratory and diagnostic appointments.  Faculty and staff, resident faculty, counselors, school doctor, and nurses cooperate with each other to ensure that all students feel healthy and cared for during their time on campus.

The School employs a School Doctor, who comes once a week, 3-4 Nurses, at least, one of whom is always on duty, and a Health Center Manager and 3-4 part-time Administrative staff. They ensure that students have ready access to health treatment and advice. Majority of the students speaks English and/or Japanese.  To express their needs or explain their health problems can be a challenge. Therefore, the school appoints fully English-Japanese bilingual doctor, nurses, and staff. Students are able to consult them by either English or Japanese.

School Doctor

Dr. Maki Kano

Titles: School Doctor

Our school doctor, Dr. Maki Kano-Lueckerath, has been in practice as a pediatrician and internist for over 20 years, and is currently the President of Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA).  Dr. Kano-Lueckerath is board certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, and has been a physician at the Japanese Medical Practice in Hartsdale NY since finishing her Meds-Peds residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She enjoys providing evidence based medical care to patients while always considering and incorporating the patient’s psychosocial issues. Dr. Kano-Lueckerath went to Mount Sinai Medical School and Cornell University for her undergraduate studies. Her special interest is providing the highest primary care to the Japanese population.


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Titles: Nurse

Takako Morimoto

Titles: Nurse

Hitomi Sasaki

Titles: Nurse

Chie Yagi

Titles: Nurse

Keio provides students with comprehensive, 24/7 health care. During the school year, the Health Center is open from 8:00AM -6:30PM on weekdays, from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on Saturdays, and from 1:00PM – 5:30 PM on Sundays and holidays. During the Health Center office hours, the nurses handles illnesses, physical injuries and emergencies.  When the office of Health Center closes and all through the night, a nurse or Health Center staff is "On Call" and accessible by the phone, and Resident faculty deal with the students’ health issues with assistance of the nurse on call contend with the medical issues of the students. All resident faculty are First Aid and CPR certified.

Health Center is situated on the first floor at the South Dormitory Building. The clinic is divided into three sections: the office, the treatment areas, and, about 20 Isolation Rooms. There are also several assigned private isolation (waiting) rooms in the North and South Dormitories. The school has seven AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in various locations across campus.

General Treatment Step and Operation

All students are encouraged to notify the Health Center at once for any injury or illness, so evaluation and treatment can be initiated. The nurses attend to the first aid needs of the students, and handle illnesses, physical injuries.   Once a week, the School Doctor visits the school and conduct the medical evaluation and treatment. If condition continues to persist or for further medical concerns, the student is referred to a specialized doctor and visit the hospitals near the School.

During the doctors’ visits, a chaperone from the school accompanies the student to ensure understanding of the treatment in most cases. These visits and student’s medical condition are conveyed to the parents via KANYOS (Keio Academy of New York Online System).

Students with a contagious illness such as influenza are isolated in the Health Center isolation rooms or a designated facility (All commuter students will spend isolation in their own homes.).

All students have an annual physical examination done which includes dental check, vision test and a scoliosis screening.  Immunization requirements are to be met according to the New York State Department of Health guidelines.

Health Center is actively in accordance with the guidelines of the NYS Department of Health and the NYS Department of Education. All throughout the year Health Center corresponds with the local Department of Health with regards to various medical issues of the students like immunization requirements and reporting of communicable diseases.


Counseling services are available 24/7. Students are encouraged to contact the counseling office if they have questions or concerns about their mental issues or academic performance. Parents are also encouraged to contact the counseling office if they have questions or concerns about a student's academic performance or behavior or to be updated on the student's well-being at the School.



Below are archives or lists of health and safety policies and measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic made by Keio.

·        School operational response/policies to changing COVID-19 conditions: “Keio Academy of New York Covid-19 Alert Levels (Color Phase System)”

  • Keio has introduced “Keio Academy of New York Covid-19 Alert Levels (Color Phase System)” since its reopening of its campus in 2021.  It provides a framework to support clear decision-making, improve accountability and communicate with the Keio community to increase healthy behavior change. It is intended to provide guidance to Keio community and on how to clearly communicate what behaviors students and faculty and staff should adopt in response to changing COVID-19 conditions in their community.
  •  2021-2022 Covid-19 Alert Levels (Color Phase System)
  •  2022-2023 Covid-19 Alert Levels (Color Phase System)

·        Buildings and Facilities’ improvements, Cleaning and Disinfection and Dining Hall Operational response to COVID-19.

  • Keio has improved its buildings and facilities and created policies to respond to Covid-19. PDF

·        Collaboration with outside Health Service Providers

  • Keio has become the member of SHA (STUDENT HEALTH ADVOCATES, LLC), which provides emergency contact services for domestic and international students attending US boarding schools. When a boarding student gets a positive result of Covid-19, Keio and SHA organizes and provides off campus services, including transportation, Isolation room in a hotel, and supervision. Students who tested positive can stay safely in a comfortable isolated room in a hotel. The reason for the implementation of this service is to provide additional assurance and comfort to all students and parents. Utilizing this service will reduce the risks that an infected student would spread COVID-19 to others unintentionally and the School as a whole can reduce the risk of its outbreak among all students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, students will be guaranteed access to specialized services with proper care provide at quarantine hotels, and parents will avoid significant labor for traveling and financial burden by sharing the costs for the services.