Safety and Security

The School’s security operations are managed by our outsourced security company, AlliedUniversal (AUS), and are developed through various professional advises from security experts, including Harrison Police department, Japan’s Consulate General in New York. The School follows relevant laws and regulations that pertains to private secondary educational institutions, and undergoes NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) examination/evaluation processes.  The School continues to enhance security apparatus and operations to provide safety environment for all.

Security Operations and Apparatus

AlliedUniversal (AUS) has been in charge of the School’s security operations for many years, and is quite familiar with the School’s situation. AUS is one of the largest provider of security officers in the United States. AUS provides security services to many global corporations’ officers in Westchester County such as Mastercard and Morgan Stanley.

Safety Routine

  • The security officers on duty are required to check all incoming automobiles and conducts regular foot patrol of both inside and outside the Campus.
  • The entrance doors to buildings and classroom doors are locked and unlock at predetermined scheduled by the security officers to prevent unauthorized entry into the buildings (especially at the nighttime).
  • Vehicular accesses are monitored at the security booth at the entrance.
  • Each faculty and staff is issued a name tag (with a face photo), frequent visitors, such as students’ parents are issued a pass. Other visitors are required to wear temporary visitor passes which must be returned before leaving the Campus.

Safety Trainings

As for the faculty and staff and the students of the School, they all participate in fire drills and lockdown drills. These drills takes place during the day as well as at night so the faculty and staff as well as the students can be trained to respond in different circumstances. The safety material “Active Shooter Response Guide” is distributed to the entire faculty and staff and the students.

Community Cooperation and Information Sharing

The on-site security manager has process in which security and emergency information can be shared with the Harrison Police Department as well as Manhattanville College Security.

On-site Manager:

Timothy Byrne

Titles: Security Manager

My name is Timothy Byrne and I have been employed by Allied Universal Security as an Account Manager since September of 2021. Presently I am assigned as the Security Manager to the Keio Academy of New York, which is located in Purchase, New York. I am a retired White Plains Police Officer with twenty years of law enforcement experience and was also a Commissioned Officer in the United States Navy Reserve assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

During my time at the White Plains Police Department, I achieved the rank of First Grade Detective and served approximately five years in the uniformed Patrol Division as a Police Officer and the was promoted to the Detective Division where I served for another fifteen years until retirement. While serving in the White Plains Detective Division I was assigned to the Street Crime Unit, the Narcotics Unit, the General Investigations Unit, and the Intelligence Unit. I was also detailed to serve as a Task Force Officer with F.B.I. Violent Crimes Joint Task Force. As a Police Detective assigned to the F.B. I Joint Task Force, I was deputized as a United States Deputy Marshal and received Top Secret Clearance through the Department of Justice. I have received extensive training from the State and Federal level on Investigations, Intelligence, Threat assessment, Firearms, and School Safety.

I also served in the United States Navy Reserve as a Commissioned Officer assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Upon retiring from the White Plains Police Department, I worked for Omniplex World Services Corporation conducting background investigations for individuals who needed a security clearance from the United States Government and for New York State as a Criminal Investigator. Upon accepting the current position of Security Manager at the Keio School working for Allied Universal I received extensive training from Allied Universal in all matters of security training and have additional training in security procedures annually.



The Keio Security Staff is comprised of fourteen Security Officers and the Security Manager. The Keio Academy of New York receives security coverage twenty four hours a day, Seven days a week. All of the Security Officers receive extensive training based on New York State regulations and each guard is licensed a certified by New York State as a NYS Security Guard. Every year the Security Officer has to complete mandatory training required by New York State for certification and the Security Officers also training at the School on emergency procedures dealing with medical, fire, and active shooter response techniques.