An Encouragement of Speaking
Posted 01/26/2018 03:49PM

On January 19th, we had our first school-wide public speaking event entitled “An Encouragement of Speaking”.

During Part One, the seniors lead group discussions based on Yukichi Fukuzawa's An Encouragement of Learning. This was a great opportunity for students from all grades to deepen their understanding of our founder’s philosophy.

Part One: Discussion on An Encouragement of Learning in 14 mixed-grade groups

Part Two: At the Student Center

  • Opening remarks from Headmaster Kono
  • 9th and 11th graders’ readings from An Encouragement of Learning
  • One 11th grader’s speech about An Encouragement of Learning
  • A brief summary of each room’s discussion results in English 
  • Three 10th graders’ speeches from their Kokugo class assignment
  • One 11th grader’s speech
  • The Hip Hop Community’s (a group consisting of all grades) performance

Thank you very much for showing support for our event!