Supporting Keio Academy of New York

Keio Academy of New York has been producing graduates since its founding in 1990, embodying the spirit of "source of honorable character" and "Self Independence," traditions passed down since Yukichi Fukuzawa established Keio University in 1858. In 2022, the mission statement was redefined to promote trans-Pacific, trans-cultural, and trans-disciplinary learning, further developing a bilingual and bicultural curriculum, with a vision of Tri-Cultural education encompassing Japanese, American, and Keio cultures.

Since spring 2020, the Academy has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating campus closures, online classes, and activity restrictions. Gradually returning to normalcy, students who enrolled virtually during the pandemic were able to graduate in solemn face-to-face ceremonies this year. The challenging operational experiences over the past four years have underscored the Academy's reliance on the support of its community and have fostered a positive outlook towards the future. Looking ahead to its 40th anniversary in 2030, the Academy plans to renovate facilities, enhance sports activities temporarily interrupted by the pandemic, expand scholarship programs, and further enrich its distinctive educational offerings.

To garner your support and cooperation, we have established three new donation frameworks. Please find the details below.


Education Enrichment Fund

This fund will be used extensively for various expenses related to courses, lectures, etc., pertaining to the Japan-US Keio Tri-Culture, as well as for enhancing career support for current and graduating students, improving residential life, renovating educational and dormitory facilities, updating the Academy’s IT system, and other expenses aimed at enriching the distinctive education and educational environment of the Academy.

Sports Promotion Fund

This fund will be utilized extensively for general expenses related to promoting sports activities within the Academy such as maintenance and renewal of sports facilities and equipment, rental fees for off-campus facilities, transportation costs to off-campus facilities, hiring of specialized coaches, etc. In the fiscal year 2024-2025, we plan to carry out the replacement work for the turf field (artificial turf field), which has deteriorated significantly since its installation 17 years ago.

Scholarship Enrichment Fund

This fund will be utilized to expand scholarships that encourage further growth of capable students and support the continuation of education for those facing financial difficulties due to economic reasons, aligning with the educational encouragement at the Academy and for attracting students in line with the Academy's philosophy and mission.

How To Give:

First page of the PDF file: GivingpagechartRR_1


Please select the fund from the options below that you would like to donate to, and then proceed with your credit card, check, or wire transfer.
For those residing in the US, your gifts are tax-deductible.

Donor Acknowledgement:
In order to express our gratitude for donations, Keio Academy of New York publishes a list of donors’ names in our annual Activity Report and where appropriate plans to acknowledge donors’ support with name plates in our campus facilities. Notice of anonymous donations should be sent .