Fundraiser for Dining (Matsushita) Hall

Last year, we conducted an annual fundraising campaign with the goal of improving and enhancing our library facilities. We received generous support from many of you, and thanks to your contributions, our library’s collection has grown, and we have made progress in digitalization. We also received a donation of over 300 books from Hayakawa Publishing, Inc. In addition to digitizing books, the introduction of an online system at the Westchester County Library has made it possible to access over 80,000 books and more than 15,000 audiobooks for students. Through donations from the Parents Association, we were able to purchase new furniture and set up a bookshelf featuring the various publications of Headmaster Tatsumi among other achievements. (For more details, please refer to this catalog. )

Furthermore, we received donations not only from the parents of current students in the US and Japan but also from alumni, alumni parents, Mitakai members and others.  This enabled us to organize bookshelves related to Keio University, enhancing the concept of “learning commons”.  As a result, more students than ever before have been using the library for their research and study as well as reading books. We express our deep gratitude for your support.

This academic year, our annual fundraising campaign is aimed at improving the environmental facilities of the dining hall, which, like the library, plays an integral role in campus life.  Sharing meals and conversation with friends and faculty is a crucial part of student life.  The dining hall, known as Matsushita Hall, was built in 1990 through generous donations when it first opened.  Since then, it has served over 3000 students for meals and events and has been a witness to the growth of many graduates. However, it has aged over time.  We plan to upgrade the facility by maintaining the air conditioning systems at the first priority, in addition, creating a café space for studying, reading books, chatting with friends and relaxation providing an area for enjoying beverages.  These improvements will further enrich the students’ living environment and allow parents and the community to use the space of events.  We kindly ask for your understanding and support.

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