Fundraiser for Dining (Matsushita) Hall

Keio Academy of New York 2023-2024 Capital Campaign (Request)

Thank you very much for your continued understanding and cooperation in the operation of the academy. We deeply appreciate it.

This year marks the 34th year since the establishment of Keio Academy of New York. The aging of the school building and facilities has progressed, and repairs and renovations are needed in various areas. In light of this situation, this year, we have decided to conduct a capital campaign with the aim of repairing and updating the facilities of the Dining Hall. The Dining Hall, known as "Matsushita Hall," was constructed at the time of the school's opening in 1990 and has supported the dietary lives of over 3,000 students for over 30 years, observing the growth of many graduates. The Dining Hall, where students spend their meals, plays an important role in their academic life. However, the aging of the building has progressed, and last year, the air conditioning system malfunctioned and required replacement, indicating the need for repairs to various facilities in the Dining Hall. While much of the repair costs, such as for the air conditioning system, are covered by the Academy's reserves, recent inflation and other factors have led to higher repair costs, with the total estimated cost being approximately US$600,000. Therefore, we have concluded that the purpose of this capital campaign will be the repair and updating of the facilities of the Dining Hall, and we would like to receive your support.

Furthermore, the Dining Hall serves not only as a place for meals but also as a venue for memorable events, relaxation between studies, and socializing with friends and faculty. Taking into account these functions of the Dining Hall, we are planning to install a café space on the west side of the Dining Hall, consisting of counters, stools, sofas, and a space offering coffee and tea. We aim to provide a new space where students can relax while having a drink, chat with friends, study, take breaks, or read, and update the atmosphere and functionality of the Dining Hall. The estimated cost for this purpose is approximately US$30,000.

We sincerely ask for your support and cooperation.

Dr. Takayuki Tatsumi

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