Fundraiser for the Future of Library

To strive to foster both English and Japanese communication skills is a practical part of the Academy’s founding philosophy, but beyond the dimension, the Academy promotes trans-Pacific, trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary learning. Its graduates have a strong sense of “moral independence” and “self-reliance” which has been a Keio tradition since Keio Gijuku’s establishment by Fukuzawa Yukichi in 1858. The mission of Keio Academy of New York is to develop, foster and utilize this "tri-cultural" type of education by making the most of Japanese, American and Keio cultures.

In a unique learning environment that embodies this mission, it is necessary to expand the conventional library collection, system, interior and furniture, etc. in various aspects to improve the quality of education, and it must be constantly improved. We would like to ask for the support of those who agree with the educational philosophy of the Academy and the way the library should be called the Learning Commons.

For USA residents:

Those who reside in countries other than USA: