Application Procedures and Flow for the 2020 AO Exams (Fall)

A portion of the application documents need to be submitted online on the Keio Academy of New York Admissions Portal. Original copies of other documents must be submitted by mail. Please see the Application Package for details.

Keio Academy of New York Admissions Portal

To sign into the Portal, click here. (Please create an account here if you have not yet done so.) The School Admissions Package is updated periodically. Please check back to make sure you have the most recent version available.

Application Flow 

1. Download Application Package

Please download the 2020 AO Exams (Fall) Application Package and carefully read all the information.

2. Create User Account

Please create your user account on the Keio Academy of New York Admissions Portal.

3. Download Specified Forms

Forms to be used for your application can only be downloaded from the Portal. Form samples downloaded from this page may be used for reference, but cannot be used for your application.

4. Preparation for Application

  • Please request your school(s) and referer(s) to complete the forms.

  • Please download the essay form from the Portal and prepare your essays according to the prompts on the form.

5. Application (9/9/2019~9/30/2019)

  • Please submit the required forms/documents and payment of the Entrance Examination Fee on the Portal once the application period starts.
  • All forms/documents must be in envelopes sealed by a school official or your referer(s). Please mail or have them mail the forms/documents to the address below.

Mailing Address

Please write “Application document enclosed” on your envelopes.

Keio Academy of New York, Admissions Office
3 College Road
Purchase, NY 10577, USA
Tel: +1-914-694-4825

*Please send your documents by either courier (e.g., FedEx, DHL) or express mail from a post office so that you will be able to check the delivery status.



Form Samples

You may also download samples of the forms below.
These samples are for reference only. You must use the official forms downloaded from the Portal when applying. 


Past Exams (2009-2019)

Regular Entrance Exams
AO Exams

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3 College Road
Purchase, NY 10577 USA
Phone: (914) 694-4825

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