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Admissions Fee
Tuition Fee
Room and Board
Commuter Fee
(Included in Room and Board)
Deposit on Materials (includes student insurance)
Facilities Fee
Pre-Entry Program Fee
Entrance Examination Fee


Below are varying additional fees that may or may not apply:

  1. School uniform costs
  2. Travel fees (boarding students must leave the residence halls during winter and summer vacation)
  3. Club activities fees (vary depending on club)
  4. Participation fees for official school events (TOEFL, Theater Day, Day Trip, etc.)
  5. Participation fees for unofficial school events
  6. House-ware storage fee for summer vacation or cost for shipping


Financial Aid

Keio Academy of New York offers the following scholarships to its students:

Kuraoka-Ashikari Scholarship (For Current Students)

At the Cherry Blossom Celebration in spring 2008, the Kuraoka-Ashikari Scholarship was founded by two Keio University alumni known to be very successful Japanese entrepreneurs in the US- Mr. Nobuyoshi Kuraoka and Dr. Roy Ashikari.

Dr. Ashikari is the world's leading authority on breast cancer research and is the director of the Ashikari Breast Center at St. John's Riverside Hospital in Dobbs Ferry, NY. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Keio Academy of New York.

Mr. Kuraoka is a well-known restaurateur who started one of the first Japanese restaurants in New York City, Restaurant Nippon, in 1963. He was the recipient of the Minister's Award of Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture in 2006. Recently, he was honored by the Japanese Government with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette for his outstanding contributions toward promoting authentic Japanese cuisine in the United States.

The Kuraoka-Ashikari Scholarship offers academic opportunities that may not otherwise be available to the students of Keio Academy of New York.

Qualified Students: Incoming students (new 9th and 10th graders) with good character and proven exceptional academic standing who are in need of financial assistance
Number of Recipients: Varies

Keio Academy of New York Scholarship (For Current Students)

Qualified Students: Students starting their 2nd year who have shown good character and exceptional academic diligence who are in need of financial assistance
Number of Recipients: Varies

Tuition Exemption Program (For Applicants)

This scholarship is meant for applicants of Keio Academy of New York who are excelling academically.

Application Period: Please send in your application for this scholarship with your school application.

Sakata Scholarship (For Current Students)

This scholarship is made possible by the contribution of a Keio alumnus, Mr. Hirotsugu Sakata, who is living in New York. Mr. Sakata graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Keio University, and then acquired his MBA from New York University. After working at a financial securities firm for 10 years, he founded his own Wall Street financial security company in 1978, and still serves as an investment advisor to institutional investors worldwide.

Qualified Students: 12th graders with excellent academic achievement


If you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us page.

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