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2017 Entrance Ceremony Speech by the Headmaster
Posted 09/05/2017 01:01PM

Congratulations, new students!

We would like to officially welcome you all as new students of Keio Academy of New York. Your attendance here today is the fruit of your hard work, as well as the loving support of your friends and family. For this, I would like to express my sincerest admiration and respect. The Academy has high hopes for you as you go on to shape the future of Japan and the world.

Next,I would like to recognize a few of our distinguished guests. First, we have the president of Keio University, Professor Haseyama. Also in attendance, we have the principal of The Japanese School of New York, Mr. Noboru Kojima, as well as our esteemed donor, Mr. Hirotsugu Sakata. On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Academy, I would like to extend a very warm welcome, and thank you for joining us on this special day.

Keio Academy of New York is a one-of-a-kind institution that provides our students with a bilingual and bicultural education. As the only Keio Gijuku affiliated school located overseas, part of our mission is to cultivate global citizens who exhibit honorable character, with independence and self-respect, in the traditional Keio spirit. Here at the Academy, students come into contact with various cultures, and through these encounters, they learn how to approach situations from multiple perspectives, and express their ideas fluently in both English and Japanese. These invaluable experiences will surely become an asset as you pursue your interests and goals. 

In pursuing a meaningful school life, I would like to make three (3) important suggestions.

The first is to build up your physical and mental strength.

Your body is still in the process of growing. Please live a healthy school life with a balanced routine of meals, sleep and exercise. Involve yourself in athletic activities, cherish friendships, and learn sportsmanship. A healthy body and mind will give you confidence and high self-esteem.

The second is to study hard above all else. Dedicate yourself to your studies and polish your language abilities. Take pride as a student of this iconic institution, which is at the forefront of the globalization of Keio University.In addition, we would like for you to expand your knowledge and hone your intuition so that you may capture the true essence of matters. How you study and prepare at the Academy will build the foundation for your academic success at university. Please study hard, and take pleasure in your accomplishments.

My final advice is to always respect others.

Everyone has a different cultural background, custom, and perspective at our school. Please do not assume that there is only one answer. Try to be open-minded, and respect those who inspire you to consider a different way of thinking. Through your appreciation of others, you will naturally begin to feel gratitude toward everyday things, and learn the importance of contributing to society.

1. Build up your physical strength, 2. Study hard, and 3. Respect others.

These are the three things that I would like you to keep in mind as goals for your school life.

We have gathered here today to commemorate our first Entrance Ceremony in the Student Center, which has become the symbol of our 25thAnniversary.The Student Center, which was constructed thanks to many generous contributions, will be used not only as a place for special events, but also as a space for learning, extracurricular activities, cultural exchanges, and as a stage to showcase our student’s creativity and talent. Let us remember to be conscientious as we celebrate and continue to use this space.

Keio Academy students, it is my hope that you take the time to nurture your ambitions that are as lofty as clear blue skies, and personalities that are as magnanimous as the country of America. These are the two things that our alumni take with them as they go out into the world.  

I wish you the very best, and congratulations again, new students!


Headmaster Fumihiko Kono


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