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The residential life here at Keio Academy of New York provides our students with opportunities to learn how to interact maturely with their peers and how to grow stronger and more independent. By encouraging introspection, students also learn from their mistakes and gain the capacity to take responsibility for their actions. Students are expected to live by Keio Gijuku’s philosophy, dokuritsu jison (self-esteem and moral independence), which enriches their residential life.

Study Hour System

In order to promote a good learning environment, the Department of Residential Life oversees a study period on all school nights (including Sunday nights) between 8:15 PM and 10:15 PM. These study periods are monitored by the Resident Faculty.
Underclassmen study in the classrooms or in their own rooms depending on their academic standing, and upperclassmen have the additional choice of studying in the study hall or library.

Peer Tutor System- Inheriting our founder Yukichi Fukuzawa’s philosophy of "Half Learning, Half Teaching"

During study hour, upperclassmen volunteer as peer tutors to help underclassmen with their studies. This long-standing Keio tradition puts Yukichi Fukuzawa’s ideal of dokuritsu jison into practice through half-learning, half-teaching.

Dorm Council

Members of the Dorm Council play a key role in Keio Academy’s residential life. The Dorm Council is part of the Student Government, and its members are elected by the student body each year.

Night-Check System

Three to four boarders from each floor volunteer to be night-checkers for the academic year, taking attendance every night at 10:30 PM. These volunteers rotate on a nightly schedule. The system is managed by the Dorm Council, and is crucial for the smooth operation of our residential life. Following these night-checks, the Resident Faculty also checks each room at lights-out.

Residence Hall Events

For the purpose of creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere in our residential community, events are held regularly throughout the academic year. The Resident Faculty’s advisory team organizes these events with collaboration from the Dorm Council.

Past events include movies nights and the Harvest Festival and pumpkin carving competition. The Spring Jamboree held each May is one of our biggest events.

Day Trips/Overnight Trips

Boarders are allowed to go on day trips during the weekend between 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM. Unescorted, they are allowed to go to local areas such as White Plains, Mamaroneck, Harrison, Hartsdale, Rye Ridge, Rye, Scarsdale, Valhalla, Port Chester, and Greenwich. Seniors with blanket permission from their parents or juniors with special day trip permission may also visit Manhattan.
With special permission, boarders are also permitted to go on overnight trips escorted by their guardians or adults who have been approved by their guardians.

Resident Faculty

While we value and encourage independence, the 310 boarding students who reside in the Residence Halls at Keio Academy of New York are also supported by approximately 16 Resident Faculty members who are always available to provide guidance, advising and counseling. In the case of a medical emergency, Resident Faculty members chaperon boarders to hospitals and local clinics in consultation with the Health Center.

Sample School Day Schedule



6:30-7:00 AM



Shower, Breakfast

7:50 AM

Homeroom Attendance




Lunch (served at cafeteria)



3:05 PM


3:15 PM

Club Activities

5:45-7:15 PM

Dinner (served at cafeteria)

7:30 PM

Club Activities End

8:15 PM

Study Hour


(Peer Tutoring)

10:15 PM

Study Hour Ends

10:30 PM




11:00 PM


Sample Weekend Schedule



9:00-10:00 AM


8:30 AM-1:30 PM

Light Breakfast and Brunch (served at cafeteria)


Day Trips/Overnight Trips


Open Gym

5:45-7:15 PM


8:00 PM


10:30 PM




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