Dining Services

The Keio Academy of New York cafeteria is managed by CulinArt Group, the largest privately managed dining services company in the Northeast and the second largest in the country. They work with diverse clients ranging from other educational institutions including over 50 private schools, to institutions such as the United Nations.

Our Menu

Our cafeteria menu balances traditional Japanese fare with contemporary American favorites. Many of our most-requested dishes come from recipes submitted by parents and others from the Keio Academy of New York community. Menu development and product sourcing are under the direction of a trained Japanese chef.

For lunch and dinner, in addition to a wide assortment of fresh vegetables at the salad bar, our unique cafeteria serves at least one Western entree and one international entrée per meal each day, which may include festive summer BBQs, fried rice, New York-style pizza, traditional Japanese noodles, various soups, and freshly brewed barley tea. Umeboshi, takuan, ochazuke, and other sides and seasonings are available as toppings for rice. Options for dessert include freshly baked pies and cakes, fresh fruit, and yogurt.


Eating Well

With consultation from CulinArt’s registered dietitian, the Keio Academy of New York cafeteria encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle− one that incorporates wholesome, balanced food choices, regular exercise, and an overall attention to living well. Students’ healthy eating habits are supported by:

  • the Eat Well food program, which identifies nutritious, guilt-free menu options
  • easily identifiable Eat Well menu options as well as those that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free
  • CulinArt’s quarterly nutrition newsletter, and
  • CulinArt’s annual National Nutrition Month promotion

Sustainable Solutions

Keio Academy of New York understands that environmental stewardship is important to the educational development of our students. We thus take the following measures to reduce the school’s impact on the environment:

  • featuring fresh, local, seasonal produce when available
  • offering local Hudson Valley fresh rBST/rBGH-free milk
  • composting dining room waste
  • recycling in our kitchen and dining room
  • reclaiming used cooking oil for bio-fuel conversion
  • using eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning
  • using biodegradable and eco-friendly disposables
  • offering china and flatware in our dining room
  • instituting a no-idling policy with our vendors

School Store

The school also contracts a local business to operate a small store in the cafeteria that sells both food items and sundries five days a week during dinner.

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