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Through exciting and informative activities as well as routine daily life in our Japanese and English bilingual and bicultural environment, our participants will foster a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity.

Language and Cross-Cultural Learning

Keio_Summer_Program_Language_Cross-cultural_LearningExplore the Japanese or English language in a formal classroom setting. We welcome students of any Japanese/English language ability, from the beginner to advanced level. We will place you in the appropriate level based on your individual needs. In addition to language classes, choose from one of our electives in literature, history, art, or culture. Our teachers work year-round with international students and are highly experienced with bilingual education. Elective classes from past years include Photography, Drama, Youth in Japan, Flags of the World, United States and Japanese Politics, and Creative Writing.

Cultural Workshops

Keio_Summer_Program_Cultural_Workshop We also offer many opportunities for interaction and learning outside of the classroom. To strengthen our sense of community and help participants feel more comfortable with each other, we conduct team-building exercises such as a scavenger hunt at the beginning of our program. Throughout the two weeks, we also hold activities and workshops which cover topics such as Japanese tradition, pop culture, and recent trends. Activities from past years include udon (Japanese noodle)-making, cross-cultural studies, calligraphy, arts and crafts, and dance. These workshops are meant to create opportunities for participants to learn about Japanese and American culture and to experience true cultural immersion.

Hands-On Video Production Workshop



Every year, we hold a video production workshop in collaboration with Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), which has been teaching youth media for over 30 years. Participants work in small groups to produce short films. Each of these groups is personally supervised by a DCTV instructor and taught basic camera techniques, the art of storytelling, and editing. This workshop allows participants to work very closely together, pushing their creative boundaries and directing unique ideas founded on different backgrounds toward the production of one project. On the last day of the program, each group gets the chance to present their final video production to friends and family members and receive DVD copies of their own films.

Read more about DCTV at:

Off-Campus Activities/Field Trips

Keio_Summer_Program_Off-Campus_City_FIeld_TripWe make regular trips off-campus to explore our surrounding neighborhood. Just 30 miles to our south is the melting pot of New York City, and we take full advantage of this by visiting historical landmarks, watching Broadway musicals, and making corporate visits to US-based Japanese companies such as restaurants, hotels, media companies, and airlines. We will also spend time in the city for the video production workshop, meeting various experts and using the city as a setting for films.

Residential Life

One of the most important aspects of our program is the residential life- we fully believe that staying in our residences helps promote community building. Each room accommodates two participants, and we do our best to pair Japanese and American students together in order to encourage bicultural exchange.

In addition to the cultural workshops conducted during the day, we also offer residence hall activities such as ice cream-making, tie-dyeing, team-building exercises, and arts and crafts. Participants can then spend their free time after study hour socializing and getting to know one another in the common areas.

We ensure that even participants who are spending time away from home for the first time are made to feel safe and comfortable. They will be supported by our full-time faculty and staff, which includes resident faculty, nurses, college and graduate student interns, and 24-hour on-duty security officers. We provide the necessary amenities such as basic furniture, and bed linens (including pillows and blankets). Each residence hall also has free laundry facilities. Our buffet-style cafeteria serves three hot meals a day of both American and Japanese cuisine. We believe that for this program to be successful, our participants' comfort and safety must be considered the highest priority.

Keio_Summer_Program_Residential_Activities Keio_Summer_Program_Residential_Activities Keio_Summer_Program_Residential_Life Keio_Summer_Program_Residential_Life

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