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Application Form (PDF)


1. 米国内に居住していること
2. 米国内で合法的な労働査証(ビザ)を所有していること



業務時間:原則として午前9時から午後5時 (休憩1時間,実働7時間)

  (ただし業務進捗状況によって早朝勤務,超過勤務や行事等による週末出勤の可能性がある。 放課後や休日のイベントの引率ができること。各種学院主催イベント,サマープログラムがある。)








Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, Power point, Access)







Two Part time ESL/Language Arts Teachers

Qualifications: Experienced middle and/or high school English teacher desired. ESL training/experience preferred, valid certification and Master’s degree preferred. Experience with ELLs and a boarding school setting preferred.

A) 8 hours of 12th grade Intermediate English, 4 hours of 12th grade Language Arts

Period: September 2018 to 2nd week of October 2018 (6 weeks)

Specific end date: TBA

 B) 4 hours of 12th grade Language Arts and 8 hours of 11th grade Language Arts.

Period: September 2018 to June 2019

DEADLINE: Applications considered in order of arrival until positions are filled.

Full-Time Resident Faculty (Dormitory Supervisor) for Girl’s Residence Hall

Position Summary

This position provides boarder students (approximately 330 students from 9th grade to 12th grade, with separate dormitory buildings for girls and boys) with support on all aspects of student life including but not limited to educational and healthy life support through residence in the same Residence Hall. Resident Faculty lives in the same gender separated dormitory as the students.

Each member of the Resident Faculty generally works based on a monthly shift schedule, with daily on side duty generally from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. (the next morning). However, the nature of the position may require that the Resident Faculty occasionally work longer hours or extra shifts, as well as participation in meetings related to student matters outside of these working hours. A shift schedule is applied.

 Duties & Responsibilities


•    Reside in a girl’s Residence Hall (Dormitory). The room for Resident Faculty is on the same floor and location where only girl students live.

•    Enter rooms of students and wake students who don’t wake up until the due time

•    Check students’ health condition

•    Be available to students, as necessary, to support their personal, educational and academic needs. Listen to student issues such as interpersonal relationship, personal, health and medical issues, etc. Collaborate with teachers and staff to address student issues by email, phone and meeting

•    Educate students how to properly use the facility equipment

•    Pick up mail and packages for students from the Administration Office and bring them to each Residence Hall office. Sort them and post notices to recipients’ mailbox. (Approx. 50 packages/boxes per a day) Sometimes carrying packages and using equipment to push/pull/carry all packages.

•    Office desk duty: receipt various requests from students, check students’ sign-in and sign-out

•    Study hour shift: (1) Supervise students at their own bedroom, school cafeteria, school library and classrooms (2) walk around each area in the dormitory and students rooms (3) inspect students’ room for prohibited items and safety issues.

•    Instruct students to evacuate from the Residence Hall and clear all rooms during fire alarm (same as a fire drill, once per month). If necessary, Resident Faculty is required to carry and assist any injured or disabled student to evacuate.

•    Provide help students on-call basis overnight. Chaperone sick/injured student to the hospital at during night hours.

•    Consult with an on-call nurse and provide first aid medicine to student with acute sickness under the school doctor’s instruction, prepare an isolation room and make bed for the student. Take temperature and serve breakfast to isolation students under the school doctor’s instruction.

•    Plan and carry out various events held in the Residence Hall.

•    Supervise students’ sport activities in the gym and field.

•    Responsible to evaluate students based on their life in the Residence Hall.

•    Support study in various subjects

•    Counseling students’ issue in study

•    Attend weekly Resident Faculty meeting, monthly Faculty & Staff meeting

•    Communicate with Resident Dean if there are contacts/claims from resident student’s parent. Interface with resident student’s parent as needed.

•    Perform scheduled weekend shift.

•    Perform special projects and other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Resident Dean.

Qualifications/Required Education


Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) or equivalent from four-year college or university.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Communications: Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing (English and Japanese), Confidentiality, Counseling, Dependability/Reliability, Diplomacy, Employment Development, Ethics, Facility Management, Field Supervision, Listening & Understanding, Persuasiveness, Problem-Solving, Relationship Building, Team Leading, Team Participation

Fluent literacy of Japanese language is need in the same level as native Japanese. The position needs the ability to read and write emails in Japanese with detailed nuances as the majority of parents only communicate in Japanese and do not write in English.

General office equipment including phones, fax, copier, scanner, postage machine, phone system, personal computer, etc. Software includes the use of Windows operating system and MS Office applications. Intranet.

CPR, First Aid is preferred. The school provides an opportunity to obtain certificates after employment.



Several years of experience at educational institutions preferred. Education, counseling background is a plus.

Others, Physical Demands

•    Lifting/Carrying/Pushing/Pulling: Daily 2-20 pounds, occasional 30 pounds or more and during emergency situations the need to carry a student.

•    Standing/Walking required

•    Vision: need to observe students’ physical condition.


STARTING DATE: August 27, 2018

COMPENSATION: Salary commensurate with education and experience. Health Insurance and 403B Pension Plan benefits will be provided after three month probation period.

DEADLINE: Applications will be considered in order of arrival, until the position is filled.



勤務期間: 2018年9月から11月初旬(2ヶ月強)



科目:国語 週9~12コマ(10年生現代文,11年生現代文)





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