Foreign Language

Department Chair: Dr. Stephen Lane
Spanish: Ms. Margarita Llamoca
Chinese: Ms. Lilian Sun

The educational focus of the Foreign Language Department is for students to develop a greater fluency in the speaking, reading, and writing of Spanish or Chinese. The foreign language teachers at Keio are native speakers who are dedicated to a teaching philosophy which emphasizes the living language in its cultural context. The study of a foreign language opens the doorway to a wider world of opportunity for students preparing for any career.

Elementary Chinese 11-12

This course introduces the students to Chinese language, including basic vocabulary and grammar. It aims to develop learners' Chinese communicative skills, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Most topics are related to the students' daily life, such as greetings, family, food, school life, time, weather, jobs, hobbies, and travel. Many authentic materials including video clips will be used throughout the class. The class will also introduce common Chinese culture through language teaching.

Intermediate Chinese 11-12

This is an intermediate Chinese class. It aims to develop learners' Chinese communicative competence and performance. Students learn more complex grammatical structures, build up more vocabulary, and practice writing paragraphs.

This course stresses speaking and writing skills through oral presentations and group projects. Students will become familiar with social occasions such as family life, school life, work life, shopping, entertainment, and travel. Intermediate Chinese expands on the study of culture through videos, books, magazines, and newspapers.

Elementary Spanish 11-12

This course introduces students to basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Students learn sentence structure and how to conjugate verbs and write paragraphs in the present tense. Teaching is taught through student immersion in speaking, writing, and listening in Spanish and through oral presentations, skits, interviews, and hands-on projects. Students develop skills for using the Spanish language in everyday life situations. Spanish culture is introduced through exposure to texts, newspapers and movies.

Intermediate Spanish 11-12

In this intermediate Spanish class students learn more complex grammatical structures such as the present tense, past tense, imperfect tense, and future tense, build on their vocabulary, and practice writing paragraphs. This course stresses speaking and writing through oral presentations, group projects, role play, and hands on activities that reinforce language skills. This class is conducted mostly by immersion language teaching, which helps students to develop the ability to listen, speak, and write in Spanish. An understanding of Spanish culture is developed through the usage of videos, texts, and newspaper articles.

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