Curriculum Overview

Required Subjects for Graduation

For Grades 10~12

  • English: 3 years
  • Japanese: 3 years
  • Mathematics: 3 years
  • Social Studies: 3 years
  • Science: 2 years
  • Physical Education: 3 years
  • Art or Music: 2 years
  • Health Science: 1 Year
  • Home Economics: 1 Year

Academic Extension (AE)

Regular additional academic courses in literature, history, technology and science are held for all year groups in order to broaden their thinking and academic experience. These are taught outside the standard timetable.

Subjects offered include:
Advanced Computer Science
American Film
Chinese Culture
Community Service
Environmental Science
History of Pop
History of Warfare
Human Development
Japanese Calligraphy
Japanese Film
Math for High Flyers
Microscopic Pond Life
School Newspaper
Science of Color

Grade Levels & Academic Year

Grades 10~12 have a maximum capacity of 100 students each, and are each divided into each divided into twelve homeroom classes.  Grade 9 has a maximum student capacity of 60 students and is divided into two homeroom classes.

The academic year, which begins in September and ends in June, is made up of four quarters.

Supplementary Language Courses

Students can take ESL or JSL classes. The aim of these classes is to improve students' English or Japanese language ability at an advanced pace to ensure that they can understand the language used in their other courses.



Course offerings and course contents may vary year to year, depending on student numbers, instructors and/or instructor availability.

An in-school placement test, as well as semester grades and teacher recommendation, will determine whether a student should be placed in required elective courses in 9th and 10th grades.  The student’s score on the TOEFL test (or other standardized tests) will not necessarily have an effect on the placements. In 11th and 12th grade, a wider variety of elective courses, in addition to Academic Extesions, are offered for students to choose from.


Chairs of Departments are happy to respond to enquiries about the content of their subject.

Dean of Curriculum

Dr John Kilar

Chairs of Departments

Art:  Dr Stephen Lane    

Music: Ms Yoshida Hori Sampson

Counseling & College Guidance: Mr Kenichi Satate

English: Ms Eileen Gallagher

Foreign Languages: Dr Stephen Lane

Japanese: Ms Junko Hayami

Librarian: Ms Tomie Severance

Mathematics: Dr Dusan Nesic

Science & Technology: Mr John Karl Rahenkamp

Social Studies: Mr Hadwin Card

Sport, PE & Health Science: Ms Yoshiko Hori Sampson

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