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2018 Graduation Ceremony Congratulatory Speech by Headmaster
Posted 06/11/2018 10:47AM

To the senior class:

Congratulations on your graduation.

98 Keio students are now leaving our nest.

I feel a deep desire to celebrate as you continue onward with the burning passion you showed in your school life and the countless memories you have picked up along the way.

I am sincerely happy for all of the family members present today. Joining us also are Keio University Trustee Prof. Masahito Omori and Chairperson of the Keio Academy of New York Board of Trustees Prof. Jiro Kokuryo.

Many other honored guests including Headmaster Haruhisa Usui of the New Jersey Japanese School, Headmaster Noboru Kojima of the New York Japanese School, are here with us as well.

Graduates, I hope that you will hold with pride the fact that you have spent these past few formative years of your youth here with many friends in the splendid environment of New York. At one time, the skies are a crisp, piercing blue, and you enjoy sports to your full extent. At other times, your surroundings become a surreal, dazzling silver, and you indulge yourself in academic challenges. Spring then brings a dreamlike wind of falling cherry blossom petals; and with summer, the campus bursts into shining green, in anticipation of the new school year. This beautiful campus is truly your home.

I have come into contact with each of you for one reason or another, and now that it is time to send you off, on this very day of graduation, what I would like to ask of you most is “to open new opportunities for yourself using your own strength”.

“A person of Independence and Self-Respect” is someone who can grow on their own.

The next phase of your life will be an opportunity to raise your level of cultural understanding. It is my hope that you will humbly continue to stride to become a complete person, and deepen your education to go beyond the cultural differences of this world, in more vigorous pursuit of working and contributing to the global society.

Then, some day, I do expect you to come back to campus and give us a speech at this Student Center, which could be our tradition.

12th graders, your life restarts today from this point.
Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

Fumihiko Kono



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