Keio Academy of New York, while it has a few day students (Commuters), runs as a full seven-day-a-week boarding school.

Instrumental music lessons are arranged throughout the week, underpinning a program of concerts.

The Saturday Morning Program for Juniors includes classes in art, singing and music appreciation; for Seniors in debating and public speaking. 

students hanging out together

A small number of students talented in sport participate in the State of New York varsity competition, while the majority compete in an inter-House competition which runs on most days of the week, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Varsity sports played are soccer, lacrosse, basketball and volleyball. House sports include baseball, cross country running, dance, judo, karate, kendo, rugby sevens, tennis, softball, swimming and volleyball.

Outings to New York City to visit galleries and theaters are a frequent feature on Sunday afternoons.

A wide variety of clubs and societies, including Japanese culture, chess and student newspaper, run on Wednesday afternoons.